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Creative Science Schools, under the leadership of Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management International, are committed to leading the way in preparing our learners to become confident and responsible global citizens. Designed to provide continuity of high quality teaching and learning, our learning plans incorporate the best practices of Visible Learning and deliver effective online learning to all students.

Our highly- experienced educators are committed to creating bespoke learning experiences that meet the needs of our diverse learners and their families. The knowledge and skills our learners master as students at Creative Science Schools will prepare them to thrive in university and ultimately become global leaders.

Our Online Learning

In Kindergarten, students learn the foundational reading and English language foundational reading arts skills that set them on the path to becoming lifelong readers, writers, and English language effective communicators. Reading is the most important skill that students develop to set them during their early academic years, and kindergarten through grade three is considered to be the path to become the optimal time for such learning.

The challenge for our teachers is to organize lifelong readers and deliver effective, efficient instruction in the essential skills and concepts that writers and effective students must master. Instruction is differentiated to meet the wide range of communicators.

Standards-based instruction is critical to the kindergarten curriculum. Such instruction develops students’ literacy and proficiency in English and Arabic language arts. The standards describe what students are expected to know and are able to do by the end of the school year. In addition to the Islamic Studies and Quran curriculum which instills love and pride in the students for their religion and values.

At Creative Science Schools, schools are committed to providing the most challenging possible curricula. The curricula must fulfill, at minimum, the standards set in California State Standards for each grade level. Students are instructed in the following academic subjects: Language Arts/English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Moral Education, Arabic, Qur’an, Islamic Studies, Art, Physical Education, and Computer Science courses at various skill levels.

Our goal in Middle-High School is to provide learners with an environment that allows them to develop both cognitively and socially. Focus is placed on developing the ability to think critically and use logical reasoning, applying previously-learned knowledge and being confident in one's abilities. It is important that students develop good study habits and skills.

An engaging and rigorous academic program is the pillar of our Middle-High school. Students receive intensive and engaging instruction in all subjects. Teachers are encouraged to emphasize experiential as well as traditional learning, incorporating contests, virtual field trips, experiments, and special events to bring lessons to life.


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