Admission Policy

Admission at the American School of Creative Science - Maliha Road.

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Admissions to ASCS are conducted on a first come first served basis in a just manner. Admission is also based on the entrance test for each grade level. Due to high demands, prospective students are also required to undertake Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT4) and a grade level entrance exam. KG admission requires an interview with the student and the parents. For high school students, a meeting with the Career and Guidance Counselor may be required to plan their pathways and selection of core and elective courses.

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Admission Policy

  • All prospective students in PreK - Grade 3, accompanied by their parents, are required to sit for a one-on-one interview to confirm admission. The interview is conducted by a panel or designated personnel in order to fairly understand whether or not the prospective student can meet the academic demands of the specific grade level they are applying for.
  • Students Grades 4 - 12 are required to take a computerized entrance exam in English, Math, and Arabic (A&B) for the appropriate grade level. A post-exam interview with Career & Guidance Counsellor is mandatory for Grades 9-12 prospective students.
  • Some students may be asked to undergo extra testing (outside/inside the school) in order to satisfy admission requirements for students requiring special assistance. The school may ask parents to provide medical/psychological/psychiatric/pediatric test analysis, in case a student needs extra support in the classroom depending on their physical/psychological/academic learning needs.
  • If a student has been diagnosed with any learning disabilities prior to seeking admission in ASCS, parents are asked, at the time of admission, to provide our team of social workers with the necessary documentation, so a fair analysis can be made of how to provide support to the child in the classroom.
  • An experienced team of social workers & SEND teachers currently provide students and their families with on-site support and information about out-of-school referrals to the appropriate medical personnel, and provide modified entrance exams according to the reports provided by parents.
  • American School of Creative Science believes in giving a fair chance for admission to qualified students who can uphold the academic standards.
  • Acceptance decisions are made and communicated to the parents promptly.
  • If interested, parents are requested to visit the school and fill in an application form at the school’s reception desk, which is open from Monday to Wednesday from 07:30 a.m. to 04:30 p.m., and 07:30 to 03:45 on Thursday.
  • Parents can also register their interest on the school’s website.

Admission Procedures for New Students

  • Prospective parents are required to complete the application form at the reception desk of the school.
  • Prospective parents are required to provide the previous school’s report card, so the registration team confirms the correct grade level of the student.
  • Upon receipt of the completed application form and the report card, the prospective student is required to sit for a computerized entrance exam (physically or virtually) and an interview if required.
  • If a student is offered a seat at ASCS, parents will be notified via a phone call and invited to come in to complete the rest of the admission procedures. It is required that parents provide the school registration office with these documents within one week of the confirmation of an available seat for the prospective student. In case there is a delay in the submission of the documents, the school may be forced to give up the reserved seat to another prospective student.

Mid-Year Admissions to Pre-KG – Grade 12

  • The Registration Department, along with the Senior Leadership Team, evaluates admission applications made throughout the year on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mid-Year admission depends upon the availability of seats in the requested grade level, prospective student's school/term reports, entrance exam results, and an interview with the student.
  • Eligible prospective students for Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12 are immediately accepted if they are coming from American Curriculum schools. For prospective students coming from other curricula, equalization must be done by the parent on MOE website & it must be submitted to the Registration Dept. before the student joins the school (as instructed by Sharjah Private Education Authority ).
  • All other registration and administrative requirements remain the same as listed above.

Admission to High School

  • Internal and external students applying for admission to the American School of Creative Science High School must meet with the High School Guidance Counselor prior to admissions, to develop a graduation plan.
  • All other registration and administrative requirements remain the same as other grade levels and as listed above.
  • If your application is successful, and your child is offered a place you will be notified by phone or e-mail and will be invited to come to school in order to complete the rest of the admission formalities procedures.
  • The following documentation will be required to secure a place for your child, and must be received within one week following the offer of placement (the admission acceptance/ approval).

Admission Documents

To facilitate the admission of your child with Sharjah Private Education Council, we require that you provide the following documents at the time of admission to accompany the completed application form.

  • Current passport Copies of both parents and the child with valid residency visa (For Non-local/expat residents of UAE).
  • Current passport copies for both parents and the child along with a family Book (For Local Citizens).
  • 2 colored photographs of the child
  • Original Emirates ID
  • Copy of child's birth certificate
  • Copy of child's vaccination certificate
  • Request of information letter (form Daleel / I-SIS) or a copy of term 1/term 2 report card from the previous school
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school indicating I-SIS/ Daleel number (Attested If needed)
  • Copy of the end of the year report card (Attested If needed)
  • Student's medical file from the previous school

Transferring Procedures from a School within the UAE or to Another Country

If the transfer certificate is issued in:

The transfer certificate should carry the stamp of the school as well as the stamp of the educational authority of the Emirate it is issued by, If the student transfers from outside Sharjah. The school retains the original transfer certificate.

GCC Countries
The transfer certificate and the report should carry the stamp of the school and should also be stamped by the Ministry of Education in the home country. The school retains the original transfer certificate.

From Any Other Country
The transfer certificate should be stamped by the Ministry of Education from the student's country of residence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassy of the UAE in that country. The school retains the original transfer certificate.
In all cases, the school certificates and other documentation should be in either Arabic or English. If another language is used, it must be legally translated and authenticated as with other documentation.
Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent to provide the school registration department at ASCS with the documents listed above, including the copies of the Resident Visa. By completing and signing the Registration Form, the parent accepts this responsibility. The school will not be held responsible if the Ministry of Education refuses to register a child for any reason including missing documentation listed above.