School Governing Board

The Principal of the American School of Creative Science has a responsibility for the leadership of the school, the strategic direction linked to the aims of the school and governors as well as those of the National Agenda and UAE Vision 2021.

Parents, teachers, students, and community members are encouraged to be members of the School Governing Body. In their capacity, they can help shape the school’s future direction and ensure a strong connection and sense of community between the school’s leadership and parents.

Chair of Governors

Mr. Shadi Hassan

Chair of Governors

Mr. Shadi is the Head of Administration and Education at Beam. He has two decades of experience in Education and has been a governor for over a decade. He brings to the Governing Body a wealth of expertise in strategic development, project management, leadership and high-level of negotiating skills.

With his keen interest in educational transformation and changes, he works to meet the needs of our learners and focuses on improving efficiency, strategic communication, risk management and cost cutting strategies.

“I hope to bring an informed perspective to the discussions and decisions that we make to help our students perform at their very best, be happy and enjoy learning”.

Mrs. Majd C. Hussain


With over three decades of experience in educational administration, leadership, and management across a range of British and American curriculum schools in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Mrs. Majd has established herself as a prominent figure in the field.

Mrs. Hussain serves as the pioneering Principal of the American School of Creative Science Maliha. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Carthage College in Wisconsin, USA, and further expanded her academic qualifications by earning a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education & Leadership Management from the University of Gloucestershire, UK.

Committed to cultivating a thriving learning environment, Mrs. Hussain strives to foster excellence, creativity, leadership,collaboration, and tolerance within her educational community.

Throughout her illustrious career, Mrs. Hussain has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, including the Most Inspiring CEO Award (2015), Employer of Choice Award (2015), and Chairman's Choice "Rising Star" Award (2014) bestowed upon her by the Bukhatir Group Management Excellence Awards. These accolades serve as a testament to her exceptional leadership and dedication to her profession.

Vice Principal

Mrs. Shaimaa Mokhtar

Vice Principal

Mrs. Shaimaa Mokhtar is the Vice Principal of the American School of Creative Science. She is a passionate educator with more than two decades of experience, all in American-curriculum schools and International Organizations. Mrs. Shaimaa has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Translation. Ms. Shaimaa has a long professional and education experience, as she took several roles in schools in executive, middle, senior leadership positions involving teaching, curriculum, assessment, innovation, training & development, and senior operational and administrative roles.

Mrs. Shaimaa views a collaborative school environment, where all stakeholders are developed, empowered, and heard, as the key to creating successful students. She believes partnerships, clarity and transparency with parents and community are essential to enriching students’ experience and holistic development of ASCS.

Parent Governor

Mrs. Aysha Farzana

Parent Governor

Mrs. Aysha Farzana is a trained Architect and Designer, who is extremely passionate about literature and writing. She is currently engaged in freelance writing services – content creation, copy editing, journalism and more. In her free time, she likes to read, write poetry and dramatic prose. She is a polyglot and is presently pursuing studies in the Arabic language.

Having grown up across cultures in Europe and Asia, she has a unique understanding of multiculturalism and inclusivity.

As an ASCS parent and an avid believer in the ASCS philosophy, she is deeply involved with school activities and is always available for consultation or conversation.

She hopes that, in her role as a governing board member, she can affect positive growth and contribute meaningfully to the future of all the children.

Community Governor

Mr. Khalifah Al Jizari

Community Governor

Mr. Khalifah Al Jaziri holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, and is completing his Master’s in Urban Planning, at the American University of Sharjah. An entrepreneur since 2003, Mr. Khalifah has been recognized for his technical innovation in the Middle East region, by companies such as Intel Corporation and Microsoft.

Mr. Khalifah is recognized as a leading entrepreneur in the UAE, featured on several local television channels, including a UAE National Day special, honoring his achievements. He has been recognized for his achievements in the fields of entrepreneurship and environmentalism, being honored with the title Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Young Future Energy Leader.

Parent Governor

Mrs. Mona Al Zaabi

Parent Governor

Mrs. Mona Al Zaabi has been actively involved in the Parents Teacher Association (PTA).

She has experience in the education field, from being an English teacher for the primary stage, to holding a post as a Research Fellow at the Centre of Educational Testing, Measurement and Evaluation and a curriculum member in the Curriculum Centre in the Ministry of Education. Whilst working in the Ministry of Education, she carried out training programmes for English teachers amongst the government schools in the UAE.

Mona holds a Master’s degree in Education and Educational Studies, from Deakin University in Australia, as well as a diploma in Curriculum Development and Design, from Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University.

Governor Member

Mr. Tarek Majbour

Governor Member

Tarek is a dedicated education advocate and Governor Member, committed to making education fun and accessible for all children, empowering them to create a positive impact on our world. With a passion for teaching and a strong work ethic, Tarek has excelled in various leadership positions throughout his illustrious career, including Head of the Science Department, Head of the Boys Section, and Curriculum Specialist.

Tarek holds a Master’s Degree in Education Management, Leadership, and Policy from the prestigious British University in Dubai. He firmly believes in the importance of ethical leadership, fostering a sense of unity within the educational team. Tarek is a strong advocate for data-driven decision-making and actively involves parents in the educational journey, recognizing their crucial role in enhancing students' achievements.

At present, Tarek serves as the Head of Academics at the American School of Creative Science, where he continues to inspire students, promote innovative learning approaches, and foster an inclusive educational environment. His unwavering dedication to the field of education and his belief in the transformative power of knowledge has made him a respected figure among students, parents, and fellow educators alike.

Inclusion Governor

Mrs. Rahima Imtiaz

Inclusion Governor

Raheema Imtiaz is an exceptional and accomplished Inclusion Governor, known for her unwavering dedication to creating inclusive environments. With a background in Applied psychology and over a decade of UAE experience , she has been at the forefront of driving positive change in her role as the Head of Inclusion.

Having also taken on the crucial position of designated safeguarding lead in a school, Raheema Imtiaz displays a deep understanding of the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of every individual in the educational setting.She is also nominated as SPEA wellbeing Committee member.

Raheema's outstanding expertise and skills in Inclusion are further highlighted by her exceptional achievements. She received the highest training score in the Talouf Training program offered by Zayed University, a testament to her dedication to personal and professional growth. This accolade reflects her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in the field of Inclusion.

Raheema collaborates closely with teachers, support staff, and parents, fostering a collaborative approach to create an inclusive culture. She provides guidance and training to ensure that all stakeholders are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the diverse needs of students effectively. By promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, Raheema empowers everyone to contribute to a positive and accepting learning environment.

Furthermore, Raheema Imtiaz actively engages with community organizations, local authorities, and external agencies to enhance partnerships and access additional resources to support inclusion initiatives. She understands the importance of networking and collaboration in fostering a holistic and inclusive educational experience.

Raheema's empathetic and compassionate nature enables her to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. She consistently demonstrates her commitment to celebrating differences and promoting a sense of belonging for all. Through her leadership and guidance, Raheema inspires others to embrace inclusivity, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the school community.

Staff Governor

Mrs. Nabila Ahmed Salim

Staff Governor

Nabila Salim is the Head of Elementary Section. With a Bachelor's Degree in Education and an impressive two decades of experience in Beam Schools, she had come a long way. Nabila began her journey at ISCS as an ASL teacher and eventually made her way to ASCS in 2013, where she took on the role of HOD. Over the years, she climbed the ladder of success, securing middle and senior leadership positions such as curriculum coordinator, deputy director, and ultimately, Head of Elementary Section.

Nabila prioritized being a part of a community where all staff members worked tirelessly to build positive relationships and support students' academic and social-emotional growth. Her main aim was to ensure that every child received exposure to a rich learning environment that was positive, safe, caring, and above all, fun.

Mrs. Sara Kimberly Hollis

Vice Chair

Sara Kimberly Hollis is the school principal of The American School of Creative Science - Nad Al Sheba. She has been a school leader for over a decade. A significant part of her leadership journey has been within our network of schools in the BEAM Group where she has worked very closely with students as a teacher as well as a Sixth Form Leader. Thereafter, she successfully led on institutional transformation and growth agenda as the Vice Principal of the ISCS Sharjah campus since 2014.

Sara graduated with distinction from Dalhousie University, Canada with Distinction with an Advanced Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Learning and Child Development. She also gained a distinction in her PGCEi from the University of Nottingham and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education through the University of Nottingham.

Known as a passionate educator, Sara recognizes the power education has to shape the future and believes that educators have the ability through their own action research to define what education looks like and can contribute to the growing body of academic research in the field of education. She sees educators as reflective practitioners who need to continuously examine the impact of their practices.

When it comes to our students, Sara firmly believes that it is our moral responsibility to develop well-rounded students, who don’t just excel academically, but also embody core values such as kindness, respect, and integrity. She recognizes that it is our duty to ensure that each child progresses and can pursue their interests and contribute to their society.


Staff Governor

Mrs. Yasmin Nasr Al Din

Staff Governor

Mrs. Yasmin Nasr-El-Din has over a decade of experience in education. She has been teaching KG students at the American School of Creative Science for multiple years.

Throughout her journey, she had been selected to represent the Teachers Committee, Nujoom committee, NEASC committee, and was nominated as KG2 team leader. She has the passion for teaching and continuously strives to make education an enjoyable experience.

Staff Governor

Mrs. Yasmin Ziadeh

Staff Governor

Yasmine Ziadeh is a dedicated Career and Guidance Counselor at the American School of Creative Science, bringing six years of experience at the school to her role. Prior to her current position, she served as a Computer Science Teacher as well as a Student Leadership Coordinator; spearheading activities such as the Model United Nations, Model Congress, and an active Student Council.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master's Degree in Education with a focus on Learning Design and Leadership from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Yasmine combines technical expertise with a passion for empowering students. Known for her compassionate nature and inclusive approach, she provides valuable guidance and support to help students navigate their academic journeys.