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It gives me great pleasure that the American School of Creative Science is successfully building on the profound trust posed in us by the parents and the tremendous legacy of success achieved at the International School of Creative Science (ISCS) over the last two decades.

Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (BEAM) is leading our endeavors to replicate the vision behind ISCS at the American School of Creative Science (ASCS) to deliver a unique education based on US Curriculum and the Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies for UAE.

It is our promise to nurture and develop ambitious, committed young boys and girls, men and women, who, upon graduation, will have preserved their cultural identities and become confident intellectuals that serve as role models in the modern world today and tomorrow.

We remain fully committed to striving for excellence and to do our utmost to ensure delivery of the highest quality academics within an environment that fosters traditional values and ethos that define our credo.

Welcome to the American School of Creative Science.

Salah A. Bukhatir

Founder & Chairman

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Maliha Road,

We stand out as an American School due to our commitment to offering an American Curriculum alongside the Ministry of Education curriculum. We fully integrate the knowledge and skills from both curricula in our daily teaching and learning practices. Our mission is to create a well-rounded student body with strong knowledge and skills in sciences, and humanities while grounded in the culture and history of the UAE.

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Nad Al Sheba,

The American School of Creative Science, Nad Al Sheba, offers 21st-century education that is rooted in open-ended questions, and critical thinking. In all we do, there is a focus on the science of a subject. Students recognize the root of Math, English, and History by having teachers support them in discovering the “why” of knowledge.

Our standard for student learning is international. We base student achievement not only on external international assessments but also on internally designed assessments that require critical thinking and analysis. We equally support students’ learning disposition. Meaning, we support students to discover their unique gifts, talents, and interests and then convert them into opportunities for progress and attainment in all subject areas.

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Al Layyah, Sharjah

The American School of Creative Science, Al Layyah, is a learning organization that nurtures, cultivates, and fosters creative and critical thinking skills amongst students, from Pre-KG to Grade 4. The school’s reputation for academic excellence couples with strong moral values to develop successful, contributing members of a global society.

ASCS follows the US Common Core State Standards for English and Math and Next Generation Science Standards for Science, while providing the MOE curriculum in Arabic, Islamic Education, Social Studies, and Moral Education. ASCS is also renowned for its unique Quran memorization program.

At ASCS, course delivery methodology is based on world renowned teaching strategies and best practices, with the aim to motivate students to tap into and realize their full potential, ensure the development of the “Whole Child”, as well as build self-confidence and self-awareness, which in turn enables independent learning.

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