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Step into the exciting world of educational innovation at Creative Science School Sharjah. We open our doors to parents and students of all nationalities, firmly committed to providing an exceptional education that breaks new ground. At the American School of Creative Science Sharjah, we establish the framework for nurturing creative and critical thinking skills, aiming for academic excellence while instilling unwavering moral values and moulding conscientious global citizens. Here, we seamlessly integrate the finest elements of the American curriculum with the UAE National Education program, including Arabic, Islamic, Social Studies, and Moral Education, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares students for a dynamic future.

Why ASCS Stands Out

  • Fostering Excellence

    At the Creative Science School Sharjah, we take immense pride in our ability to draw upon two decades of educational knowledge and wisdom harnessed from our sister schools. Our unwavering commitment is to seamlessly incorporate exceptional pedagogical practices from around the world, ensuring that our students benefit from an extensive and globally recognized curriculum that emphasises education, innovation, and excellence.

  • Journey to Excellence Together

    The heart of the educational expedition at the American School of Creative Science Sharjah resonates with our guiding principles, serving as a testament to our unwavering dedication to student-centred learning, innovation, and the holistic well-being of our entire school community. Our commitment to international standards and the educational landscape in Sharjah, UAE, is evident in our approach.

  • Integrating the English and Arabic Departments

    From the very inception, Creative Science School Sharjah embraces a unified approach to education that spans the boundaries of the English and Arabic departments. This fusion enriches the learning experience, fostering a harmonious educational environment that encourages creativity and the appreciation of arts in the curriculum.

We Welcome Your Exploration: Discovering Creative Science School Sharjah

We extend a warm invitation for you to delve into the wealth of information available on our website, taking your very first stride towards considering the American School of Creative Science Sharjah for your child. A visit to our campus is an opportunity to delve deeper into our educational philosophy and approach. Our commitment to nurturing creativity, stimulating collaboration, and fostering effective communication lays the foundation for our students to not just excel in their subjects but also shine in the synthesis and evaluation of knowledge from diverse sources, all while embracing and respecting various cultures and global dynamics.

In the vibrant setting of Creative Science School Sharjah, we emphasise not only academic excellence but also the importance of cultural integration and technological integration in a multilingual environment. Our dedication to cultivating global awareness is a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic educational experience. All this occurs in the heart of Sharjah, UAE, a dynamic and culturally rich environment where learning knows no bounds.

School Values

  • Character Development:

    At Creative Science School Sharjah, our core value is nurturing students' character, fostering a sense of purpose, and instilling moral responsibility. We emphasise the importance of understanding and respecting diverse beliefs and differences at our educational institutions.
  • Academic Excellence:

    Are dedicated to providing a high-quality education at American school of creative science Sharjah by seamlessly integrating international and Ministry of Education curriculum. Our goal is to create well-rounded students proficient in both sciences and humanities while respecting the UAE's culture and history.
  • Holistic Education:

    Part of Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management (BEAM), our school focuses on instilling traditional moral values, ethos, and academic excellence. We value a faith-based learning environment, blending American curriculum with strong Arabic language programs.
  • Professional Development:

    ASCS Sharjah, we invest in the professional training and development of our schools. We aim to deliver strong teaching and learning outcomes through highly experienced academic faculty and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Diversity and Inclusion:

    Celebrate diversity at Creative Science School Sharjah by promoting understanding and respect for one another's beliefs and differences. Our educational institutions create an inclusive environment where everyone is valued.

Our paramount value revolves around a commitment to excellence in all aspects, whether it's achieving academic distinction, or upholding traditional moral values. Within the educational landscape of the Sharjah, UAE, American Creative School of Science Sharjah stands as a testament to this enduring tradition of excellence, deeply embedded in our core values.

Admissions Details - American school of creative science Sharjah

    ASCS Admission Requirements

  • All students are required to undertake Ministry of Education subjects as mandated by the MOE.
  • Additionally, Muslim students are expected to enrol in Islamic Studies and Quranic learning.
  • Admission to American school of creative science Sharjah is subject to seat availability and is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into account the child's age.
  • At Creative Science School Sharjah, we follow the academic year schedule stipulated by the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE), commencing at the end of August or early September and concluding in June or July. Each academic year comprises two semesters, with designated winter, spring, and summer breaks.
  • Please note that the school observes closures during all UAE public holidays.
  • Our proficient registration department staff is available to address your inquiries and guide you through the registration process. If you're inquiring from overseas, we offer the convenience of an online query form to streamline your admission process.

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Embark on an educational adventure at Creative Science School Sharjah, where innovation meets excellence. Our doors are open to students and parents from all walks of life. We're dedicated to providing an exceptional education that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and moral values. Through a fusion of the American curriculum and UAE National Education, we craft well-rounded global citizens. Join us, and let's cultivate your child's potential, bridging cultural boundaries, and celebrating the arts. Together, we'll shape a dynamic future. Enrol today, and together, we'll script a narrative of academic triumph. Your child's exciting journey begins here!