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ASCS - American Curriculum Schools in Dubai

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The American School of Creative Science, a distinguished member of the BEAM Education family of schools, is among the leading American curriculum schools in Dubai. Currently, it operates from three prominent locations: Nad Al Sheba, Al Layyah, and Maliha. This educational powerhouse places a strong emphasis on nurturing creative and critical thinking skills while maintaining a commitment to academic excellence and moral values. Whether you're seeking an American curriculum school in Dubai or an institution that fosters creative and critical thinking, the ASCS stands out as a top choice.

Our Unique Curriculum:

  • At ASCS, we take pride in our distinctive curriculum, which harmoniously combines the strengths of American curriculum schools in Dubai. Our approach is truly unique and ensures that students receive a holistic education that prepares them for success on both local and international stages.
  • ASCS distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive academic program that caters to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. This all-encompassing curriculum equips students with a well-rounded education, enabling them to excel academically and personally. When seeking American creative science school Dubai, look no further than ASCS for a program that covers all educational milestones.
  • One of our core commitments is to provide dedicated support to our students as they embark on their journey to higher education. We offer the necessary resources and guidance for students to excel in their SAT and TOEFL/IELTS exams, making us a top choice among American curriculum schools in Dubai. Upon successful completion of Grade 12, our students receive a High School Diploma of the highest quality, further strengthened by our ongoing institutional accreditation process.

Curriculum Approach

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Academic Standards

Our creative science school Dubai, is dedicated to providing a rigorous and internationally recognized educational framework. We proudly adhere to the California Common Core State Standards in subjects such as English Language, Arts, Mathematics, History, and Geography. This commitment ensures that our students receive an education that is not only comprehensive but also globally respected.

Next Gen Science Standards

In the realm of Science, we differentiate ourselves by following the Next Generation Science Standards. This approach empowers students with a modern and innovative way of learning about the world around them. It provides the flexibility needed to tailor the curriculum to individual needs, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. If you're looking for American Curriculum Schools in Dubai that offer cutting-edge science education, you've found the right place.

Holistic Development

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Inquiry-Based, Hands-On Teaching

At our creative science school Dubai, we understand the importance of active student participation in the learning process. Our approach emphasises inquiry-based, hands-on teaching methods, fostering a deep understanding of subjects and encouraging critical thinking. This educational approach aligns with our commitment to holistic student development.

Co-Curricular Activities

In addition to academic excellence, we offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities that enable students to develop as well-rounded individuals. These activities enrich the overall educational experience and help students discover their unique talents and interests. If you're interested in American Curriculum Schools in Dubai that focus on the holistic development of students, our institution is the ideal choice.

ASCS: Your Key to a Bright Future

Mastery of Core Subjects

Our foremost commitment at our American Curriculum Schools in Dubai is to ensure that students lay a strong foundation in core subjects. We place significant emphasis on nurturing their knowledge and skills in these fundamental areas, setting the stage for a successful academic journey.

A Rich and Varied Syllabus

In addition to the essentials, our syllabus is enriched by offering a diverse range of subjects designed to broaden students' horizons. These subjects include Art, Physical Education (PE), Home Economics, and Computer Studies. They serve as crucial complements to the core subjects, enabling students to develop a well-rounded skill set and a deep understanding of their world.

Aligned with the Ministry of Education

Our academic framework aligns seamlessly with the Ministry of Education's curriculum, ensuring that students at our American Curriculum Schools in Dubai receive a comprehensive education that encompasses key mandated subjects, such as Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, and Social/National Studies. It is our commitment to deliver these subjects with the utmost quality and relevance.

Quran Program for Spiritual Growth

As our school grows and evolves, we are proud to introduce the Quran Program progressively, from Kindergarten through Grade 12. This program forms an integral part of our commitment to nurturing spiritual growth in our students, setting us apart as one of the leading American Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Diverse Extracurricular Programs

Comprehensive Student Development

Our commitment to holistic student development in American creative science school Dubai extends beyond academics. As our school grows and aligns with the American curriculum, we are dedicated to providing students with opportunities for growth in multiple dimensions of their lives, ensuring they emerge as well-rounded individuals.

Educational Field Trips

To supplement the American curriculum, we organise educational field trips. These out-of-class activities meet the objectives of American curriculum schools in Dubai by giving students the opportunity to study how their knowledge may be used realistically, connect with real-world problems, and gain a deeper understanding of a number of fields.

Sports Competitions

Recognizing the importance of physical fitness and teamwork in the American curriculum, we actively host spirited sports competitions. These competitions not only enable students to showcase their athletic talents but also help them build camaraderie and cultivate valuable life skills, in accordance with the principles upheld by American School of Creative Science.

Cultural Celebrations

Diversity is a hallmark of our student body in American curriculum schools in Dubai, and we take immense pride in celebrating this diversity through cultural days. These events provide a platform for students to share their cultural heritage, fostering appreciation and respect for different backgrounds. This practice unites the school community in a vibrant tapestry of cultures.

Join ASCS Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

At the American School of Creative Science, we take pride in being one of the premier American curriculum schools in Dubai. Our unwavering commitment to a dual educational system, a comprehensive curriculum, and a strong emphasis on hands-on learning have created an educational environment that is both unique and dynamic.

As we conclude, we want to extend an invitation to you. Join us at ASCS, where we are dedicated to nurturing the future leaders of a global society. Our goal is to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary for success in the ever-evolving world. Choose ASCS, and let's embark on an educational journey together that will shape a promising future for your child.