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Learning & Student Achievement

Student Attainment and Achievement

ASCS believes in the innate capacity of every child to achieve, excel and succeed. This ability is fostered through high quality academics, competent and dedicated staff, involved and caring parents, and an outstanding management providing a climate of positive learning and continuous improvement through measurable high standards.


At ASCS, our emphasis is on high quality teaching and learning together with rigorous assessment and regular feedback to ensure students are achieving their full potential. This methodology helps identify the next step in students’ learning and attainment. Attainment is holistically celebrated in the school through rewards, praise, certificates, display of work around the school and on digital displays.


One of ASCS’s main targets is for each student to aim and achieve high. Students endeavor to take part in various in- and out-of-school competitions and events. Student achievement is celebrated in the school by awarding merit based medals, certificates and trophies at various presentations and ceremonies held throughout the year.

Promethean Centre of Excellence

ASCS was designated as “Promethean Centre of Excellence” by Promethean 2 years in a row 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

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