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Five ways to help your child prepare for exam season

The thought of exams fills many students with dread, but that need not be the case. One perk of being one of the best American curriculum schools in Sharjah is that we encourage children to study consistently throughout the year, which eases the pressure when exam time finally arrives. At home, there are a few things you can do to help your child feel comfortable and confident when exam season arrives.

  1. Make space

Start by creating a space in the house that is dedicated to studying and is free from all types of distractions. All family members should be encouraged to treat the space as reserved for study only and give your child quiet time so that he or she can concentrate.

  1. Start early

Cramming is almost always avoidable, if your child starts preparing for exams early. You can help them break the syllabus into manageable chunks and create a schedule that is easy to manage and accommodates a variety of subjects. An organized timetable also creates a consistent schedule, which in turn helps children become more disciplined and adopt healthier studying habits.

  1. Know your child’s learning style

Each child learns differently, so try and avoid a cookie cutter strategy. Matching the exam preparation to the child’s learning preference has major benefits because it takes the stress off learning by boosting their motivation level. See what learning style works for your child the best and then help them study accordingly. If your child responds better to visual cues, use cue cards. If a verbal style works better, have them recite what they’ve learning out loud. If you’re not sure what learning style works best for your child, speak with their teacher.

  1. Manage your anxiety

Remember that your anxiety can be conveyed to your child and is likely to cause them to feel pressured and overwhelmed, rather than motivated. In extreme cases, they may panic as exam dates approach and underperform.

By providing encouragement and being positive, your child will feel reassured, confident and, consequently, study better. In case they are scared, do not dismiss their feelings or simply tell them to work harder. Address and pinpoint where their fear lies and work with them to manage those feelings by focusing on the learning process more than the results. This approach also creates life-long discipline and a desire to improve through perseverance.

As one of the best American curriculum schools in Sharjah, it is our responsibility to work with you to help your child develop healthy studying habits so that when the time for exams comes, you can feel confident that your child is confident and prepared.

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