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The value of Parent Teacher Associations

Parent-teacher communication and cooperation are often needed to resolve any student's problems and provide a supportive atmosphere for growth. Students’ physical, mental, emotional, and social development needs to be nurtured by all parties to create the best possible environment for academic and personal growth.

At the American School of Creative Science - Al Layyah, we created our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to allow parents and teachers to collaborate together and build an educational experience that works for every student.  As one of the best American curriculum schools in Sharjah, we believe that holding parent-teacher meetings on a regular basis keeps everyone up-to-date with students progress and challenges.

Parents and teachers need to be able to communicate openly and assess the child’s needs, accomplishments, problems, and behavioral difficulties. Parents can learn more about situations at school, such as if the child is struggling in math or is really shining in a particular subject. Teachers can also get to know about students' home life. If there are factors at home that hinder a student's learning or increase stress levels, like parents illness, the teacher may be able to provide additional support in the classroom.

The PTA also provides a way to clearly communicate rules about discipline and academic policy. Making these guidelines clear for students and parents is essential for creating an environment where everyone is working at their best. PTAs are a place where parents can voice concerns or confusion about academic policies or the code of conduct. Teachers also have the chance to address disruptive behavior patterns or explain homework policies. Furthermore, PTA gives parents and teachers an opportunity to discuss college admissions, extracurricular activities, and advanced placement classes. 

Additionally, PTAs can be wonderful collaborative tools. They offer social opportunities to mingle and develop a community with other parents whose children may share classes. PTAs also let parents be more involved in their children’s school careers, like chaperoning school trips, so they can witness their child learning and growing.

At the American School of Creative Science - Al Layyah, our PTA boosts satisfaction for both parents and teachers as they work together to manage the students’ academic and personal lives. As one of the best American curriculum schools in Sharjah, we will work with parents to communicate effectively and create an outstanding environment for everyone.



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