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The management structure established at ASCS will promote decentralized leadership for each school, each one with a Director as the educational leader on site as follows:

  • KG
  • Elementary

This decentralized approach will delegate more decision-making authority for each leader for each school as listed above.

This type of management structure conforms to US Standards and results in:

  • Higher student performance, as decisions and monitoring are made closer for each grade level.
  • More efficient use of resources.
  • Increased skills and satisfaction in school administrative staff and teachers

The management is carefully selected for their excellent qualifications, experience and diverse expertise including proven track record of success in education management or respective field. They complement each other in their various skills, areas of knowledge and competencies. This success stems from the clear vision they carry in education and its application to the present time.


ASCS staff are carefully selected from the international educational community for their experience and dedication to the vision and mission of the school.

In ASCS’s commitment to continuously achieving excellence in a dynamic world, all management and teaching staff at the school will be required to participate in the school’s Continuing Professional Development program developed with the in-house training and development center. This will ensure staff are abreast with the latest developments in education and teaching techniques to provide the most effective educational experience possible for our students.

World day for the elderly

World day for the elderly: to appreciate the elderly person in our society and in our family as they are the source of wisdom and tenderness, we...

Recycling Event

Recycling event: to aware students about the idea of use the items again without wasting the resources and keep our planet clean

The world food day

The world food day: to aware our students about the food conservation and for this we applied a competition between students about the best video...

The international day of tolerance

The International day of Tolerance: we explained the concept of tolerance for students in morning assembly and they mention some Stories in...

Awareness Campaign toward Bullying

The national bullying prevention week: we are working on full awareness campaign toward Bullying:

  • Aware parents by workshop and the...
  • Global Childhood day:

    Global Childhood day: to aware the students about their rights and make them know that they are seed of hope, and to make them feel happy we asked...

    Diabetes - Prevention

    Diabetes was explained in details for better understanding in how to prevent them and aid support to those in need.

    Alamani Zayed - Book

    Emirates Today has given a number of copies of its book, "Alamani Zayed," to students at ASCS(American School of Creative Science)- Al layyah,...

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