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Content Delivery

Strong Content Delivery

At ASCS course delivery methodology is based on world class renowned teaching strategies and best practices, with the aim to:

  • Motivate students for tapping into and realizing their full potential.
  • Ensure development of “Whole Child”.
  • Build self-confidence and self-awareness, enabling independent learning.
  • Establish a firm foundation of knowledge and skills in core subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, History/Geography, and Science.
  • Benefit from an enriched curriculum through Art, PE, and Computer.
  • Benefit from UAE National Curriculum.


The teachers at ASCS:


  • Differentiate instructions to cater to individual needs of the students.
  • Communicate regularly with parents so that they can actively contribute to their child’s learning.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment supporting our school’s mission and core moral values.
  • Use latest technology to incorporate 21st Century Skills for our Digital Natives.
  • Provide students with regular feedback to optimize the learning process.
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