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Academic facilities


Every child needs a cozy recluse to explore her limitless boundaries of imagination. Our well-resourced library and its attractive layout is a boost for young researchers. The extensive range of books chosen to cater to children of different age groups keeps their hungry minds stimulated and eager to seek more knowledge.

Auditorium and Activity Rooms

At ASCS, children have ample opportunities to participate in activities and practical lessons. With a world class auditorium and unique activity rooms, we make education an interactive experience where our students consistently discover, plan and challenge themselves.

ICT Room

In this ever changing world of technological advancement, ASCS embraces the learning of Computer & Computing by using the latest technologies and software, giving its students a competitive edge by making Computer cross-curricular and integrated across all areas of their learning.


At ASCS, in addition to building the educational and intellectual capability of children studying at the foundation stage and early years, other hands-on skills are also developed. This includes basic culinary classes that teach them hygiene etiquettes and at the same time develop their independence in making the right food choices and meals for themselves.

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