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Principal's Message

...Welcome to the American School of Creative Science Al Barsha!

There are numbers of good schools in Dubai. Many with strong academic programs. Taking this into consideration, the genesis of ASCS is the merging of 21st century intellectual curious teaching with foundational values. These ideals bring balance to students as they navigate a rapid and open society. As the school is young, students and staff alike are shaping its destiny to be a world class institution. We are focused on bringing to life the idea of Creative Science in everyday learning.

We are also focused on ensuring students’ social lens and values are rooted in empathy and service. We have already embarked on programs that embrace the latest and most effective American programing and learning strategies.

  • Universal Lesson Design
  • Innovation Kitchen Lab
  • High Tech Sensory Room
  • GLAD strategies
  • Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop
  • Student-led conferences and Portfolio Development

And this list is just the beginning. As we know, jobs of the future are not foretold; therefore, it will be our commitment that every student is equipped with the knowledge, grit, flexibility and self-confidence to pursue, successfully, Universities in the United States as well as the UK. So if you want to see the American School of Creative Science in action, please come by. You are always welcomed!

Johnathan Maxwell Letcher


American School Of Creative Science Barsha

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