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School Calendar

Aug 2016

Term 1 (28th August – 15th December)

Celebrating our Artistic Creative Expressions

  • 28th: First day for students G1-5
  • KG1 & KG2 parents will be contacted to let them know exact start date since their children will start in groups.

Sep 2016

  • 5th - 22nd: Diagnostic assessments as needed
  • 25th to 29th: KG1- 5th Grades Art Gallery Walk Week
  • 11th to 15th: Eid Al Adha Holiday
  • *Students Art Projects will be displayed in the Sports Facility for the school family tour.

Oct 2016

Exploring Our Cultural Heritage

  • 2nd: Al-Hijra Holiday
  • 13th: Field Trip: Grades 1-5 to Dubai Museum
  • 16th: 1st to 5th Grade: Master “I Am” Poetry Lessons with Dr. Suad
  • 17th: Essential Question 4th & 5th Grades: How can science help you investigate your cultural heritage?
  • 20th: Parent Orientation (3:30 pm)
  • 25th: 1st to 5th Grade: Poetry Share Assembly & Gallery Walk

Nov 2016

Sports & Play Can Help Our Health

  • 6th- 10th: Essential Question 1st to 5th Grades: How can being active and playing sports help your health?
  • 16th: FS Sports Day
  • 14th – 17th: Students Essential Questions Presentations in Science or Homeroom Classes
  • Assessment Prep Lessons & Extended Prep Assignments
  • 24th: Health Fair / Health Screening for all Grades
  • 30th: Martyrs’ Day

Dec 2016

Read to The Principal Month: Checking Our Knowledge

  • All month: Students will read a self-selected passage to the Principal
  • 4th to 8th: Assessment Exams
  • 11th: Prophet’s Birthday. School is closed
  • 12th to 14th: Instructional Modification’s Week
  • 15th: Report Cards Issued/ Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 18th to 29th: Term Break (No School)

Jan 2017

Term 2 (2nd January – 26th March)

Exploring Oceans and Waterways

  • 1st: Term Break (No School)
  • 2nd: School Resumes
  • 12th: Field trip to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo (Entire School)
  • 22nd- 25th: All students will create grade appropriate written narratives of their Dubai Aquarium field trip
  • 22nd- 25th: 4th & 5th Graders will submit an innovative concept science project and supporting research report on a subject related to their Aquarium fieldtrip experience
  • *Students’ narratives, science projects & research papers will be displayed in the Corridors. Grades 3-5 will orally discuss their research reports in Science Class Presentations. The school family is encouraged to participate.
  • 29th: Professional Development Day (Staff training). School is closed for students.

Feb 2017

Learning is Fun

  • Essential Question: What is your favorite way to learn?
  • 6th – 9th: From project-based learning to formal exams students will explore an array of formats used to check ones’ knowledge
  • 13th – 16th: My Top Five Ways to Check my Knowledge. Students in 1st-5th Grades will create their own top five list of ways to show others what they have learned. They will create posters to display their choices. Posters will be displayed for touring by the school family
  • 12th-16th: Mid-term Progress Checkpoint

Mar 2017

Checking Our Knowledge

  • 2nd: World Book Day Program (10:30 am)
  • 12th – 16th: Assessment Exams
  • 19th – 23rd: Instructional Modification’s Week
  • 23rd: Report Cards Issued
  • 26th of March – 6th of April: Term Break (No School)

Apr 2017

Love Our Earth

  • Tuesday 11th – Thursday 13th: Classes will create skits, poems or art projects that demonstrate their knowledge of global warming & carbon footprints
  • Wednesday 12th: Arabic Reading Challenge
  • Thursday 13th: Award Program
  • Saturday 15th: Arabic Reading Semi-Final
  • Sunday 16th and Monday 17th: Final Quran Competition
  • Wednesday 19th – Thursday 20th: Science Fair
  • Thursday 20th: Esraa Wel Meraj Morning Assembly
  • Thursday 20th: Earth Day Assembly. All school family members are encouraged to attend.
  • Sunday 23rd: Esraa Wel Meraj Holiday, No School
  • Tuesday 25th: Coffee with the Principal
  • Wednesday 26th: Vaccination in our Clinic
  • Thursday 27th: Fieldtrip: KG Children’s City
  • Thursday 27th: Career Day Grades 1- 5

May 2017

Checking Our Knowledge

  •  Wednesday 3rd: Field Trip: 1st-5th Kidzania Dubai Mall
  • Thursday 4th: International Day
  • Sunday 7th- Thursday 11th: Mid-term Progress Checkpoint
  • Sunday 7th- Thursday 11th: Arabic Week includes Islamic Cultural Harvest
  • Thursday 11th: Kg - Grade 5 Quran Ceremony
  • Sunday 14th: In-Class Semi Final Spelling Bee Grades 1-5
  • Monday 15th- Wednesday 17th: Arabic Mid-term Progress Checkpoint
  • Thursday 18th: Spelling Bee Grades 1-5
  • Sunday 21st: Welcoming Ramadan
  • Thursday 25th: Ramadan Begins

Jun 2017

Reflections on ASCS Al Barsha Year 1

  • Monday 5th: Students & Staff will create a Year One Reflective Project. These projects will be on display in the ASCS AlBarsha Sports Facility
  • Sunday 11th to Wednesday 14th: Exam Week
  • Wednesday 14th: Last Day of school for KG1 & KG2
  • Wednesday 14th: KG 2 Graduation Ceremony
  • Sunday 18th to Wednesday 21st: Instructional Modification Week
  • Tuesday 20th : Ramadan Awards
  • Wednesday 21st: Last Day of School for 1st-5th Gr.
  • *Student Report Cards Issued/ Parent Conference