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Principal's Message

A warm welcome to the American School of Creative Science, Al Barsha. I do hope that the information contained within our website will help to introduce you to the happy, safe and secure environment of our school, where every child is valued as a unique individual.We believe that education is an amanah (trust) upon us and we at ASCS will ensure this amanah is honored and celebrated.

Our entire school staff will unwaveringly scaffold the holistic growth and development of every student in every grade in every classroom to unfurl the best of themselves. All students will be supported to high levels of spiritual, academic, emotional, linguistic and cultural competencies.

We believe success at ASCS requires all students to have sound knowledge of Qur'an, Islamic Studies, Arabic language and mastery of the US Common Core Curriculum. At ASCS, all students will celebrate the rich history, achievements and culture of the United Arab Emirates. We are committed to move our school to meet the UAE Visions 2021 goals.

Our academic instructional program evolves from the California Common Cores Standards Framework internationally benchmarked. This amazing instructional tool drives high levels of student achievements in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Technology and Language Arts courses. This allows us to measure our student's growth through a global lens. This most current learning methods and best practices will be employed throughout the school.

We aim to guide the development of tomorrow's global problem solvers and global problem finders. To anchor our quest, we employ constructivist inquiry based teaching practices. Inquiry based learning pushes intellectual thought. All lessons emerge from the most current and absolute best instructional methods. Students are scaffolded through all learning objectives. Differentiated instructional practices across the curriculum afford all students an array of learning opportunities that pushes them to become critical consumers of knowledge and supports the practical application of their intellectual fortitude.

At the American School of Science Al Barsha we steadfastly strive to fully meet the learning needs of all of our students. We believe that excellent schools have excellent teachers. To ensure the currency of our staff’s teaching and learning knowledge we will convene prescriptive monthly professional development seminars facilitated by highly qualified international educators. This is yet another school process that we believe will reflect the value we place on reaching the UAE Visions 2021.

At ASCS we wholeheartedly pledge to support the education of our entire student body. We believe that all these opportunities contribute to making our school a place where children remain happy and motivated whilst they achieve their ambitions and realize their full potential.

Prospective parents and pupils are warmly invited to visit the school, to meet the staff and pupils. Education is about making a real positive difference, providing every opportunity for all learners to be successful, for us to celebrate achievements together. We would be privileged if you would like to come and join us.

Education is a trust we intent to dutifully honor.

Dr. Suad Lawrence Islam, PhD


American School Of Creative Science Al Barsha