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Our Uniqueness

The uniqueness of the programme of studies offered by the American School of Creative Science lies in the integration of the two curricula offered at the school: the California Common Core Standards and the UAE Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social studies curriculum. When a school offers a dual curriculum, there is always a risk of having the different departments working in isolation, creating a dichotomy in the program offered.

At ASCS, right from the start, the English and Arabic departments adopt a common approach and ensure that links are established between the different subjects. In the KG department for instance, both departments adopt an area-of-learning based curriculum and story books used in the English classes are translated in Arabic so that children can listen and interact with the same story in both languages. At the Elementary level, the school adopts a thematic approach, ensuring that children are encouraged to make links between the different subjects. The school has also developed its own Computer curriculum that meets the objectives of the US Common Core Curriculum while referring to material used in English, Islamic studies, Maths and Science, thus encouraging children to use their IT skills in a variety of context. The school also offers a rich and diverse Extra-Curricular program where children have ample opportunities to express their creativity and develop their talent.

The uniqueness
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